About ShopElf

ShopElf was designed from the ground up to be your partner in Shopify Enterprise Web Development. We like to sink our teeth into difficult problems and create solutions which offer long term, positive ROI. We view our client's codebase as living and breathing; it is something which needs a regular amount of monitoring and updates. Although we occasionally work on projects as a one off, we prefer to partner with your business for the long term.

CEO & Lead Developer Brian Anderson

With his degree in Business Administration from Babson College and 10+ years of experience designing databases, Brian is focused on building technology which impacts the bottom line. As a full stack web developer he specializes in data architecture and page load speed optimization. He is a professional dance music producer and when he is not computer programming you will find him in his studio. Brian spends his spare time with his Australian Shepard hiking the shorelines of Southern California.

Lead Project Manager Tif Lien

Tif is an entrepreneurially-minded strategist and market development leader who drives growth through innovation, systems thinking, and data. Throughout her career, she has been sought after by both startups and enterprises to bring products to market. High energy and results-driven, she’ll help bring your ideas to life. In her spare time, you’ll find her outdoors exploring the Bay Area.

Front End Developer Swapneel (Neel) Ukhalkar

Swapneel earned his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University by the age of 21. He has 6+ years of experience in front-end web development and is fluent in creating visually pleasing designs and writing efficient code. He also owns and operates San Francisco’s Adrenalin Room music brand, which is known for their unrivaled music releases and world-class events.

Project Manager Aubrey Massicotte

Prior to joining ShopElf Aubrey was an e-commerce entreprenuer and her expierience has given her tremendous insight into the Shopify platform. She intuitively understands which tasks to prioritize and has real world expierience with a wide array of apps from the app store. Aubrey spends her spare time doing yoga and hiking the California trails with her Australian Shepherd.

Designer & Front End Developer Tina Yeung

Tina is an avid listener, a pixel perfectionist and a health enthusiast with a sweet tooth. She is a UI/UX designer who can speak some code. She strives to create beautiful, intuitive and meaningful user experiences through her work. Her passion is to build products that are seamless, purposeful and considerate of the users. Tina studied Graphic Design and Information Technology at Syracuse University. She loves the merge of design and technology which brought her to web and interactive design. Her free time is dedicated to traveling, eating, Zumba, crocheting, baking and hand-lettering.

Social Media Marketing Shahin Kanafchian

Shahin holds a Bachelor of Science from the UK's University of Warwick in Computer Science and Management. Alongside his technical background, he has worked both agency and client side at number of digital media and computer gaming organisations to foster and grow social and digital communities. He is an avid music lover and producer, and has worked with a number of the largest electronic music labels across the globe.