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Custom Private Apps

Off the shelf Shopify apps will only take you so far. At ShopElf we specialize in building solutions which fit your specific needs. Get the edge over competition by implementing app solutions which are tailor made for your store.

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Third Party Integrations

The key to enterprise ecommerce success lies in the ability to integrate your web store with your ERP, CRM and fulfillment database. ShopElf is partners with the leaders in iPaas technology and we build high end in house solutions if a pre-existing connector cannot be found.

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Improve Load Speed

Shopify, WordPress and Hubspot are notorious for slow page load speed times. Using a combination of our proprietary technology and programming best practices, we can dramatically improve your PageSpeed Insights ranking.

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Advanced Filtering

In a world of fast paced, mobile e-commerce, your store's ability to effectively search and filter results are crucial to your conversion rate. Our proprietary, in house technology, takes an otherwise simplistic Shopify filtering system and turns it into a powerhouse.

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Audit Shopify Apps

When you install an app on your phone, the app only has access to it's own code. However, when you install a Shopify app, the app often has access to your entire theme. This equates to reasonable amount of risk for the enterprise Shopify store. At ShopElf we audit apps on your behalf to help you make the correct decision and avoid potentially damaging situations.

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